Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Love Soiree

So, here's a pic of the little bag my daughter and I made out of some leftover strips of a Soiree honey bun! It turned out so cute! I was excited to have another chance to play with my Soiree fabric pieces and Ally was thrilled to be sewing with mom :) The full story will be over on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. blog too, where I contribute occasionally :) Link over there some time they've got great stuff going on all the time!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sketchy Quilts

Quilts are gorgeous, but before they become these masterpieces of fabric they're a little sketchy... Sketched on napkins, stray papers pulled off the refridgerator, or from the bottom of the diaper bag, at least this is how it goes for me! And right now I've got sketchy quilts all over the place getting ready for my first set of patterns. Yeah!

Everywhere I go lately I end up coloring on someone's scratch paper. It's a little
embarrassing actually. I'm also finding out how difficult it is to write up a pattern! Sheesh! How hard can it be really, right :) I think the only real problem with it is minor insecurities and we'll just steam roll past that and soon I'm looking forward to having some fabulous patterns ready to sell! I thought I'd put up a pic of my first attempt at the pattern "You Are What You Eat"
I'll put up a full pic when the pattern is ready, (Honestly, I'm not sure when it could be a week it could be a month! I'm hoping sooner rather than later :) )fFor now here's a hint...

What do you think?

My next project is a table topper called "Why Choose!" It's all pinks and greens. So fun and springy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honey bun Project

I saw this "Lil Zipper Bag"awhile back on the Moda Bake Shop and thought how cute it was! Well I had some leftover pieces from a project I made
with a Soiree honeybun and a few other pieces
And I'm thinking I have a daughter
who would love to try sewing this project!

Here goes!