Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun and Anxiety don't mix.

I'm in love with these awesome little magnets just thought you should know.

Aside from my teeny tiny love affair you may want to see this little mini quilt.
I finished this last Sunday but haven't shown you, my dear friends, because I immediately started in on finishing my fabric design for the Michael Miller/Spoonflower contest!

The contest has a baby boy theme. I'm super excited and going a little crazy with fear that mine won't even get chosen to vote on! Aaaah! Don't get me wrong, I love my fabric, I'd already been working on it for my little boy, and I've gotten lots of great feedback, but letting something I love that much go to someone else's decision is a little rough. You can go here to see the designs I've been playing with on spoonflower. Not available for sale yet but at least you can see 'em. :)

Anyway that's my anxiety but once the 24th passed I was able to get back into a little bit of my fun and that's when I met and fell in love with these bitty magnets!
This is my planned packet for my awesome DQS10 partner!
I hope she likes it. I do and I'm not a cat person!
But I love the colors and the design is right up my alley :)
I have to be inspired by something to do anything with it so swaps always take me a little longer than I'd like because I can't talk to the person about what they really want!

I've had some fun and I'm gonna top it off with some vintage Barbie love!

Hope you guys are havin' fun too!
The 31st is coming soon and I'll know if I get to be part of the Michael Miller/Spoonflower contest! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Green Obsession

I've been playing with green for awhile now! This strip of aqua to green is the start of an awesome wonky doll quilt for the DQS10 to see the wonkiness all sewn together go check out my flickr! Or you can see it on the DQS10 page. It's coming along!

My Green obsession moved on from there to St. Patricks day! When I got to play with Anna Maria Horner for a little while!

Between the two of us we made quite a pile of fun little green flowers And when Heather Ross came to play the party was complete!

Each flower was topped with a vintage button and stuck in the hair of a leprechaun princess. At which time it waltzed off to school and I didn't get to take any pictures :( Thankfully I have one little princess who stays home and was happy to model her flower while she ate her green eggs for breakfast!
Of course she has to wait for the shamrock cookies and pot o' gold cupcakes! Inside the cupcakes they're rainbow! Go check out this awesome tutorial! So worth it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

30 something and then some!

Hey, so, I'm all excited I stayed up late the other night and finished some projects! If you follow my twitter account you know I was off at the MSQC for the Friday night sew on the fourth! Sew much fun!

I decided to make myself a table runner for my birthday on the second, it's been a little rough on me, *whisper* I turned 30 this year.
So, I decided I had to do all sorts of fun stuff :)
Naturally my mind went to this table runner by mels own place. But in my head it was called turning 30, hehe. I wasn't about to make myself 42 (the actual number of included triangles) so I left some of the triangles out and used 28 if you count the halves it puts us around 32 which qualifies "Turning 30" in my book!
It came out really cute!
AND... I took some of the left over triangles and made myself a little string of pennants for the back!
If you look close you can see I free motioned it using a version of my signature vines!

I love it and I loved using some of this Fandango by Kate Spain... Love her!