Monday, September 30, 2013

Lime, Minkee, Love, and a Finish

I love Minkee. 

I also love mixing things up a little :)
Of course I couldn't leave it at just 11" squares. I used the pattern I tutorial'd here with the MSQC
I love this pattern and the quilt all Minkee'd up is amazing! I've cuddled under it with almost everyone of my five children :) not all at once but I could have.
It's 3 packs of 20 - 11" squares plus borders to make a big double bed sized quilt. It's glorious :)

I loved binding it, my little guy spent the morning cuddled under it as I worked, and now it's super easy to find an excuse to go check on my daughter and of course sit on her bed... and pet it. 

Its a happy quilt, who else out there loves Minkee? 
Raise your hand! 

Oooo, Me! Me!

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