Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Happy Quilt!

When I posted a couple weeks ago I was looking over my blog and checkin things out and I realized way back when I posted this I never followed up with the full amazing details!
I feel a little bad *insert blush* because my partner was the most amazing partner ever!
Just look at all the fabulous stuff in there! Her name is Kristina Wilberg and her site is Sew Domestic go visit her and tell her I sent you! She is fabulous! She's already finished Doll Quilt Swap 11 And a ton of other swaps and things... Check out her summer post. Whew!

Here's some of the things in her amazing packet of sewing love that she sent me!
Check out the stack of awesome kitschy prints They're spoon flower cuteness and I just used a little of the mushroom print and the foresty print for a little name tag, that's more adorable than my now twelve year old daughter deserves :) but she loves it and so do I!

This is the awesome pieced back! Love the hedgies!

I think we all want to be Kristina now don't we :) or atleast her partner!

By the way the "happy" wall hanging has been in my sewing room for awhile now and I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye summer! *wave* ...now, let's sew!

There has been tons happening this summer unfortunately most of it has not been sewing! Bah. It's all crazy I think :) I did fix up a few pairs of jeans that had mysteriously gotten holes in the with some awesome Amy Butler, Jenean Morrison, and I think Riley Blake? OK I must be thoroughly ashamed of myself when I can't remember the designers of all the fabric in my stash. At least I still like them all and these... I love!

OK and serious awesomeness from friends, I posted these on the MSQC forums and someone mentioned having done something similar to lengthen there jeans as kids. Seriously... I love that! maybe even for me :) if the fabric were awesome enough. (I'm now dreaming of my coveted orange and turquoise Amy butler Belle Duck Egg Acanthus)


Oh well, in the mean time I took a great old bench I found, I know you all wish it was yours! Hehe, just wait! I took it from this...

to this!

Why you ask?

Well who doesn't love sitting on there front porch in an awesome turquiose vintage rocker? I do! Now I just want to add some awesome red polka dot pillows, so yeah, I've got plans.

And a little self bragging. Sorry. Shameless I know!

I made an amazing wedding dress this summer!

Check it out!

Yay! There are more pics at this amazing photographers site. (This wedding is all in august, maybe you can even search suzanne, but check it all out) Major eye candy there :) Aside from the dress!