Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inspired by the hunt!

I found these owls over the summer at a random garage sale. They were rusty, iron, and plain,

and I still liked them!

So I bought high gloss, heat resistant spray paint and now I love them!
I've also picked up a couple aqua fabrics for a swap I'm participating in!
My owls are excited :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have never been so happy to be posting!
I've been working on this quilt for more than a year now. I made it last summer during my first, eye opening, self hosted, quilt along. Phew. and then it sat on my shelf. and sat some more till last month I decided I would finish it no matter what well that didn't inspire me as much as it should have and it still took me another month to finally finish it! The good thing about having a project on your machine that isn't getting done very quickly is that you get a lot of other things done!
I've rearranged bedrooms, and visited friends, and helped a friend clean out her art room, and more. All because the projects I wanted to sew on I couldn't because this was on the machine!
I'm thrilled to have it done though and I love the way it looks! I love the hidden cars and the trees and houses!
I even added a sun next to one of the smaller houses :D Can you find it? I'm excited to have something that my little boy will be able to play on and that my girls can have pretend barbie adventures with! I just hope they're as excited as I am! Oh well, I'll enjoy tracing the cobblestones while I eat popcorn if no one else does :D