Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prom time and a traveling gnome.

My gnome is really traveling :)

I've been working on my PIF's (no I haven't forgotten you) and I have another Pay it Forward session to start after that! So be watching! This is the start of my surfing gnome that I've added to a fun project I'm working on.

Aside from that it's prom season and there are always a few girls needing alterations and I've been building a mailbox because our old one rotted out and fell in the road! So I'm taking a lesson from those live and learn little piggies and I'm building a brick one. But those darn bricks sure cut into my sewing time.

Oh well happy traveling!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration bubbles within...

Utility sewing today.
Scout badges & curtains for a friend (I'm still working on mine :) )
Maybe a little more but with cleaning, and cooking, and kids... I'll be fightin' for it!
But fight, I will, because my brain is just bubbling with inspiration!
In fact, I finished a pattern write up yesterday, just looking to test & print! Yay!
It's amazing for a person to finish a project :) It inspires you!

So, what do Target, leaf swirls, Anna Maria Horner, and laundry have to do with eachother?
Not much I know :D but they're all part of the inspiration in my head!

Monday, April 5, 2010

There goes Peter Cottontail!

Easter is over as Peter Cottontail was hopping down the road yesterday morning...

...and thank goodness he left a little of his cotton goodness behind!
The Easter Bunny knows what everyone likes!

I do know the meaning of Easter but I also like to play so here's a message from some very happy cousins on Easter morning!

So to all of my happy friends,
I hope you also had a great Easter and are bouncing with joy for that wonderful Easter Bunny!