Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken Breakfast!

Today's jelly roll project comes fresh from my little head.
This is my "Broken Breakfast" wall hanging.
I'm loving it! It's a mixture of regular and raw edge applique over a quilted background and so easy! As you wash this little wall hanging each applique strip will develop a soft fringe on one side for added texture! So cute!

My directions will give you a finished wall hanging of approximately 11x17
After all the trimming down :)
12" x 18" piece of background fabric
14" x 20" piece of batting
14" x 20" piece of backing fabric
10 ~ 12" x 2.5" strips of fabric (applique)
approx. 60"+ of 2.5" fabric strips (binding)

Notes on choosing your fabrics ~ I stuck with 2 colors but feel free to choose a rainbows worth! If you're using a Jelly roll you will probably need 3 colors for the applique and you'll need to find 2 matching strips for the binding.

Start by quilting the background! Yay don't you feel like you're almost done already!
I simple did straight lines lining the presser foot up with the edge and then along the previous stitching line. These don't have to be perfect in fact considering the wonky nature of this project having your lines veer a little is a good thing!

When your finished trim you batting off if desired (I did mainly because I didn't want the extra bulk and my batting was slightly sticky from the use of a basting spray. By the way, first time I've used basting spray and I love it!)
Now it's time to break up your breakfast!
Tke those lovely little 12" jelly roll strips and lets make them wonky!
Lay your ruler over your strips making sure that you don't get any closer than 3/4" to the thinnest edge. I used the ruler to measure one end and the mat to make sure the other end didn't get closer than 3/4" Feel free to cut these strips a few at a time this helps your angles to not all be exactly the same.
This next step isn't strictly necessary but I laid out a few of my strips just to get a feel for what I was doing and the order of the chaos :)
I'll tell you what I saw when I did this, I saw that I wanted some pairs of fabrics and some singles, I took note to make sure I had wide and thin ends randomly on each side, I also wanted to make sure I was brave enough to have them be at odd angles! :D You might also note at this point that the straight cut edges are all to one side, these will be sewn down. The pinked edges also all face the same direction, these will be soft edge appliqued.
Next clear your quilted background and choose the placement of your first strip.
With the right side facing down against the quilt top stitch the strip down at .25" along the straight edge.
Iron to set the seam them flip your strip over press again and sew it down .25" from the raw edge. You just finished appliqueing your first piece!
continue adding strips taking care to make sure you put your strips on facing the same direction and not to sew over the raw edge parts of the strips.
You can see me here checking to make sure that my .25" seam allowance won't over lap my raw edges.
Sew the next piece down and continue in this manner over lapping is fine and great just make sure you over lap on the sewn edge. If you start at the bottom and go up this is the easiest way to get over lap. Starting in the middle like I did I found that going up overlapping was easier and going down making the background space between each was easier. (This is assuming that the raw edge hangs down) So, depending on which look you want more of I might recommend choosing your end and working straight across.

When you're through adding strips you'll have something to this effect.
Trim your edges
and prep your binding strips
Sew the binding on and voilรก!

You've got a lovely little doll quilt, wall hanging, or heck at these dimensions it could be a place-mat or a table runner for your end table!



  1. you are incredibly imaginative and original! that's why I keep following you--you have insanely new ideas that are easy and fun but I have no idea where you get them from--care to share what inspires you?

  2. I love this idea! It looks so fun and easy! Nice job on the tutorial too!

  3. Cute, quick and easy! Love it!

  4. Well this is a different approach. I like it. Those could so easily be tree trunks...I love trees...

  5. I like this! I want to try it for a comfort quilt to give away.

  6. It's about time I got around to thanking you :)
    your gift has been greatly appreciated!