Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage trims and a little stitching!

I got excited about a little embroidery this week! I've been working on a pattern for some Pay it Forwards and got a little practice in yesterday on these sweet little blankets!
I stitched on the names in white and then got into my vintage threads and pulled out some tiny crochet thread to accent the white on white monograms :)
And to top it off I got to dig into my ribbons and found some of my favorite pink sheers from who knows what year :D to wrap these beautiful little treasures! The only thing a little tricky here was that I couldn't mark out my pattern because of the types of fabric on the blankets (Thank goodness for quilting cottons!) and the little fact that I've somehow lost my water soluble pen... oops.
But I think with all the fun materials going into these they turned out beautiful!
If I do say so myself :D Oh well,

Hattie and Hannah
(Sweet vintage names too!)
I hope you enjoy your blankets!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy no-sew Valentines Day!

I venture into no-sew very rarely but this one I needed to do!
I was missing my husband this week he is in Arizona on a bike race :( so I bought myself some chocolates in a moment of low self control and toddlers in the grocery store. And, aside from calories, it gave me the start of a project I've wanted to do for awhile!
Today I disassembled my box of pot of gold hersheys! (Handily, it was already empty so there was no mess inside, so convenient!)
I found some turquoise Riley Blake fabric that I love and I covered & tufted (slightly) my first candy box!
I used the red velvet ribbon to accent the Riley Blakeness :) and sewed it through the fabric batting and lid! To create this adorable project :)
After gluing it all back together I love the results!
Can I also say I'm falling in love with my spray on adhesive! No not the basting spray though I love that to :D I used spray on glue to stick the batting to the lid and the fabric to the batting! Not excessive but holds it in place... perfect! After practicing I feel more confident and next year plan to make these for some deserving friends :)
I love good friends! They should know it too!

Happy V-day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

To my sweet friends...

I feel I owe you an explanation for my *ahem* month long absence,

I've not been feeling well (if I add a cough does it seem more real? :D ) and sadly this is the only sewing picture I have to show you!
It's the cobblestone streets of suburbia and, no, it's still not done. I'm telling you, it was in the "it's not finished because it's so daunting pile" for a reason!

This is the other reason I've been gone...
Following those little feet around all day and keeping them out of trouble takes way more time than I remember! He's a little troublemaker. Which means all scissors, pins, knives, napkins, candles, etc. must stay out of sight at all times lest they fall into the hands of the wicked er, baby :)
Anyhow, I've still got a sore throat and I'm supposed to sing in church on Sunday, and my husband is out of town for the weekend. Yes that means valentines day too! Yuck, huh!
Well, let's see what I can get done today! I hope to see you again before v-day!

Happy Day!

*I'm off to clean up something that the fingers belonging to the little feet shown above just spilled. Yes, that's all the time it takes. :)