Thursday, March 26, 2015

MSQC Windows - The Glory of Spring!

You've got to check out some more of the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s window displays! I didn't show you the Christmas or Valentines displays, sorry! The spring ones are just as much fun!! The seasonal shop got a quilled paper furniture display!
Holy cow! That took sometime! It's so cute too! The chair table and lamp are all covered in tiny paper roses with a vase of them sitting on top. The lamp is an ombre design going from yellow to orange. The garlands hanging across the back are all colors and all sizes of flowers!

These are the windows at the solids shop. I like to do pretty color play stuff with these ones and I love the persimmon and green color pallette! I used everything from mint to a soft lime for a bright color pop! The lights behind it are from the Christmas windows but they still look good, I like having something bright to light up the windows.
These are pics of the Superhero display I made for the brand new Novelty shop! It's the sixth shop opened right there on main street. Quilted hills rolling across the window seat, with storm clouds (there's a second one up a bit higher to add to the dramatic skyscape) that light up with all the electricity going on inside them, as evidenced by the gigantic lightning bolt coming out of the lower one!

Eight tiny crocheted superheros zip through the sky saving anyone in need! They're very good at directing you to the door for your fabric needs. I believe they may live in one of the tiny quilted houses that sit tidily on the crests of several of the rolling hills. Honestly, this was so much fun!!
I don't have any pics of the main shop or Mercantile this time, also fun with fabric wrapped trees and tiny birds in one window, and the other with a dress made of woven fabric and an old quilt, and vintage lace floating around in embroidery hoops. Aaah, they make me happy. If you'd like I can tutorial the quilted houses. They make for very cute postcards when done on a small scale!