Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello My Friends!

Oh what a lovely hiatus! Sorry I didn't warn you! Truthfully I didn't even warn myself :) but I do have a few things to tell you about!

First off welcome to Designing Happy! This is the first blog I'd started and in the mistake filled process of starting an online presence I also deleted it :) I may have mentioned this before. hmm... Anyway, it is obviously now available and I'm happy to be blogging on my site of choice and I look forward to seeing you all here!
So update your readers or follow me anew! I'll be updating the old blog for awhile directing people to current posts! Thanks for all your friendship and love of all things quilt-y!

Poor homeless things. They need a sign "will work for space"
Second I've lost my sewing room :( sad I know but it's for a good cause. We've got 2 Sister missionaries living in our basement now and 2 sewing machines living in the dining room! We're working on finding the sewing machines a new home but no good ideas yet. On the plus side the sewing machines are much more accessible! I can't say the same for the dining room table :) hehe! At least I know my husband loves me!

A little fabric love. Vintage Groove by Carolee McMullin for AdornIt!

And last I'm as always working on lots of projects!

With St. Patty's day around the corner who knows what could happen!


So this is my new pattern :) It was created around the fall last year and has been selling well locally but I wanted all of you to know it's now available online through my etsy shop which is slowly filling up :) and through the MSQC! I love them!