Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pieces of me.

I love swaps!
Nice Package
Making something with beautiful fabric and getting inspired for someone else is the greatest.
But I dread the part of signing up where they give you a little box and say
"Tell us a little bit about you so your partner will be able to make you something you'll love!"
In theory it all sounds great but then I look at that little box and have no idea what to say! Thank goodness for pictures and favorites because otherwise my boxes would over flow!

Here's what I would like to say in those tiny boxes. I love happy things. I love negative space
Full shot of my lovely little birdie.
I love applique! I love piecing!
I love old things made new, in bright beautiful colors!
Blue Dress
I love sketchy fun carefree drawings and I love my applique to feel the same!
Doll Quilt Swap
I'm an artsy, modern, vintage, shabby chic, clean cut, happy kind of girl! I love kids and colors!
I love cartoon prints and sweet modern fairy tales!
little red~ my new converse!!
I love large Swedish florals!
fabric collection - vintage scandinavian
I love inspiration!
Mushroom House: Red (side view)
I love the amazing hand stitching on super old quilts! I love bold contrast and big prints!
Different colourway - can I add this to your quilt partner?
I love embroidery and fussy cutting! I love red,
Fabric Flower - Flower Brooch/Pin or Hair Clip - Eclectic Layer
lime, apple,
Stripes and Dots Pear Pincushion
Goldfish Mug Rug
orange, tangerine, pink,
yellow, brown, white, gray! Aaaaah!
Hold on, I'm almost done!
I believe almost any color can be a neutral depending on how you use it!
Sashed tumblers

Yeah, well it's a little hard to think of those things in the moment I have for signing up :) Not to mention it's a little confusing and contradictory. I mean really, "artsy, modern, vintage, shabby chic, clean cut, happy" but it's all true.
Oh, and gnomes :)
hexagon fever
I like them too!

Hmm, maybe I'll just link here instead.