Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Halloween! I mean Easter wait who forgot about the Irish?

So I've had this pattern around for awhile and just in time for Easter I want to tell you about my Halloween Treat Bag Pattern! 
Ha, I know I must enjoy confusing the life out of my poor family and house. Nobody ever knows what holiday it really is here :)
 These are a tiny little pattern for an adorable Halloween trick-or-treat bag. I made some about 3 years ago for my own kids thinking there had to be something cuter (and with a larger capacity) than the classic pumpkins :) I made them with fabric lying around in green, and purple, or yellow, orange black, etc. You pick any of those Halloween colors and put it on a little kid in a cute costume and you can't go wrong! So they turned out adorable but I did learn a few things in the process :) So I thought I'd write it up and share! Now your kids can have even more fun trick-or-treating and the pictures will be fabulous!

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