Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Happy Quilt!

When I posted a couple weeks ago I was looking over my blog and checkin things out and I realized way back when I posted this I never followed up with the full amazing details!
I feel a little bad *insert blush* because my partner was the most amazing partner ever!
Just look at all the fabulous stuff in there! Her name is Kristina Wilberg and her site is Sew Domestic go visit her and tell her I sent you! She is fabulous! She's already finished Doll Quilt Swap 11 And a ton of other swaps and things... Check out her summer post. Whew!

Here's some of the things in her amazing packet of sewing love that she sent me!
Check out the stack of awesome kitschy prints They're spoon flower cuteness and I just used a little of the mushroom print and the foresty print for a little name tag, that's more adorable than my now twelve year old daughter deserves :) but she loves it and so do I!

This is the awesome pieced back! Love the hedgies!

I think we all want to be Kristina now don't we :) or atleast her partner!

By the way the "happy" wall hanging has been in my sewing room for awhile now and I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye summer! *wave* ...now, let's sew!

There has been tons happening this summer unfortunately most of it has not been sewing! Bah. It's all crazy I think :) I did fix up a few pairs of jeans that had mysteriously gotten holes in the with some awesome Amy Butler, Jenean Morrison, and I think Riley Blake? OK I must be thoroughly ashamed of myself when I can't remember the designers of all the fabric in my stash. At least I still like them all and these... I love!

OK and serious awesomeness from friends, I posted these on the MSQC forums and someone mentioned having done something similar to lengthen there jeans as kids. Seriously... I love that! maybe even for me :) if the fabric were awesome enough. (I'm now dreaming of my coveted orange and turquoise Amy butler Belle Duck Egg Acanthus)


Oh well, in the mean time I took a great old bench I found, I know you all wish it was yours! Hehe, just wait! I took it from this...

to this!

Why you ask?

Well who doesn't love sitting on there front porch in an awesome turquiose vintage rocker? I do! Now I just want to add some awesome red polka dot pillows, so yeah, I've got plans.

And a little self bragging. Sorry. Shameless I know!

I made an amazing wedding dress this summer!

Check it out!

Yay! There are more pics at this amazing photographers site. (This wedding is all in august, maybe you can even search suzanne, but check it all out) Major eye candy there :) Aside from the dress!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Legen... wait for it... Dary!

So before Market I was a little crazy. I was going to be leaving for market a week before it started and I had to be totally ready and then make sure my family was ready for the 10 amazing days I would be gone! :) hehe, it was a happy crazy!

During that time I was lucky enough to get a sample bag pattern by the Tiny Seamstress to make and share with everyone at Quilt Market! Who doesn't love the job of sewing and being walking advertising! I was super excited! Well my good friends at the MSQC helped me find some great fabric and this is what we came up with for the Tiny Seamstress' "Legendary Bag" pattern!

So get ready for a little pattern review.
1) The instructions are very clear. There were very few things that I had to read twice.
2) Love the way she uses the contrasting fabrics. Check it out.
*I bought an extra 1/4 yard of fabric for the straps because I wanted the contrast but not as extreme as my inside contrasting fabric. I'm really happy with it.
3) Love all the pockets! You can tell a mom designed this bag. But not just any mom a trendy mom who likes to have her lip gloss, cell phone, and extras separated from the kids snacks, and little toys because no I don't carry a diaper bag but yes I still want to keep my kids happy :)
4) Her patterns are reasonably priced around $9 for some very custom looking stuff!

The only cons I've found so far are that I wish it had a closure. It wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be because the straps really support the bag and keep things together but in general I'm a fan of some type of closure! Magnets, zippers, arguments, and relationships :) closure is good.

As a base I would totally feel comfortable recommending this pattern to friends and family and everyone. It's a large bag great for toting lots of stuff, very sturdy, and cute to top it off! Go check out her blog she's just announced her new spring line up and its all for sale at her shop! Don't forget to say hi from Hillary at Designing Happy!

I used It's a Hoot Trees in Fudge and Turquoise
and It's a Hoot Trees in Marshmallow and Banana
For my straps I bought Moda's Bella Solid Chocolate and Turquoise
Fusible fleece is my interfacing


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Market and beyond!

This is me, my mom, and sisters on the first day of Market!
(I tried to post this on Thursday with my mobile app but something wouldn't work, sorry!)

We had such an amazing time! We went to school houses by Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Carolee of Adorn It!, Lila Tueller, lots of Moda Ladies, and visited so many amazing booths it's hard to remember them all!

I got some great pics and some awful pics but I'll try to mix it up!
By the way, if anyone has any good tips on getting good pics from your iphone :) let me know!

First I have some Sandi Henderson pics. I love her new line of fabric it's called Secret Garden and it's gorgeous! I even love the names of her different colorways!

Check out some of them here. I love the way Sandi displays her fabrics!
All my schoolhouse pics are the bad ones but here is Sandi giving her presentation she wasn't feeling well but her presentation was awesome! We're super excited for Sandi here!
Secret Garden pillows... I wonder if Sandi does all her own sewing? No I didn't ask sorry!
This pic I love! Because I swear this is the same rabbit I made when my mom first taught me and my sisters to sew. It went together just fine until I got to the head mine was stitched and un-stitched so many times I finally just had to cut out a new one and try it again!
So it was super fun for me to se this little guy done up in super cute fabric and looking gorgeously updated from his muslin predecessors!
This next pic is Sarah Jane! She is an adorable new designer with Michael Miller!
Love some of these fabrics from her line!

Joel Dewberry's booth was stunning
Check the colors! Love them!

Lila Tueller at schoolhouse!
Woohoo! I was even lucky enough to get some of her fabric from sample spree! Aaah! Can't wait to play!
And this of course is the so talented Anna Maria Horner's booth!
I just love her and her style!
One of my big thrill moments was meeting Camille Roskelley. Here's a pic of her and her mom at Moda's schoolhouse. Again sorry for the awful pic she talked about a cute project coming up in September that everyone's going to enjoy!
Unfortunately I was so worried about not seeming crazy that I didn't get any pics from her booth, but you've been catching glimpses of Ruby around and I know you all love it as much as I do!

I'm totally excited about this fabric I got from Pat Bravo who designs for her company Art Gallery Fabrics. Honestly I've searched and searched and can't figure out what line it is but Bohemian Soul is her new line coming out and it's stunning!
I also got a pack of Tidbits by Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilts! Love them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you Mail Man!

He makes me smile when he brings happy soft packages!
Today... Arcadia!
Along with the "No 'Mo Snow" Daily Deal from the MSQC $3.33 a yard for up to 3 yards of white. So happy!
you know what this means? I can finish bordering my White Noise quilt!

He also brought me some Sherbet pips love! Eek! So excited!
A sneak peek at another happy moment from the mail man!
I'll show you the rest soon! Little girls are waiting for me today, I just couldn't wait any longer!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Filtering out the "White Noise"

These blocks are finally finished and sewn into lovely long strips
with my fun little applique shapes
(still don't know the name :D )
making there way all across those white strips!
I'm calling it White Noise and I'm thrilled to finally be filtering this out of my to-do box!

Working on a video tutorial for it too! Fun!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun and Anxiety don't mix.

I'm in love with these awesome little magnets just thought you should know.

Aside from my teeny tiny love affair you may want to see this little mini quilt.
I finished this last Sunday but haven't shown you, my dear friends, because I immediately started in on finishing my fabric design for the Michael Miller/Spoonflower contest!

The contest has a baby boy theme. I'm super excited and going a little crazy with fear that mine won't even get chosen to vote on! Aaaah! Don't get me wrong, I love my fabric, I'd already been working on it for my little boy, and I've gotten lots of great feedback, but letting something I love that much go to someone else's decision is a little rough. You can go here to see the designs I've been playing with on spoonflower. Not available for sale yet but at least you can see 'em. :)

Anyway that's my anxiety but once the 24th passed I was able to get back into a little bit of my fun and that's when I met and fell in love with these bitty magnets!
This is my planned packet for my awesome DQS10 partner!
I hope she likes it. I do and I'm not a cat person!
But I love the colors and the design is right up my alley :)
I have to be inspired by something to do anything with it so swaps always take me a little longer than I'd like because I can't talk to the person about what they really want!

I've had some fun and I'm gonna top it off with some vintage Barbie love!

Hope you guys are havin' fun too!
The 31st is coming soon and I'll know if I get to be part of the Michael Miller/Spoonflower contest! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Green Obsession

I've been playing with green for awhile now! This strip of aqua to green is the start of an awesome wonky doll quilt for the DQS10 to see the wonkiness all sewn together go check out my flickr! Or you can see it on the DQS10 page. It's coming along!

My Green obsession moved on from there to St. Patricks day! When I got to play with Anna Maria Horner for a little while!

Between the two of us we made quite a pile of fun little green flowers And when Heather Ross came to play the party was complete!

Each flower was topped with a vintage button and stuck in the hair of a leprechaun princess. At which time it waltzed off to school and I didn't get to take any pictures :( Thankfully I have one little princess who stays home and was happy to model her flower while she ate her green eggs for breakfast!
Of course she has to wait for the shamrock cookies and pot o' gold cupcakes! Inside the cupcakes they're rainbow! Go check out this awesome tutorial! So worth it!