Friday, August 20, 2010

Sew many distractions!

Summer is officially over according to the school calendar :) and I'm quite excited to be home with my 2 little people underfoot. I've done a little sewing recently, along with some roller coaster riding, anniversary celebrating (in-laws :) ), party planning, landscaping, phone shopping (haven't bought one yet), and preparing for school.
Sewing was by far my favorite.
(Roller coasters might be in the running too, shhh... )

I have a couple things I'm pretty excited about, first
-I'm finally making progress on my pif! I'm using every bit of my 365 days *blush*
-I did a great little embroidery for my in-laws for their anniversary! Along with 280 reasons we love them! It was their 40th anniversary so we did 40 reasons (or close to that amount :) ) we love them from each of the grandkids. They're all scrolled up behind a snap closing pocket on the back of the embroidery.
-And last this is a swap block I made a dozen of on the last day of summer!
They are a pattern of my own design. They had to go together quickly and I think I'm going to keep working on the pattern to fine tune it but I like the colors and design!