Thursday, September 12, 2013

Inspiration Overload!

If you ever find yourself lacking in inspiration you can go the easy route and start checking out flickr or cruise blogland and see the amazing things happening there and you will have inspiration in the matter of a few clicks but did you know there is inspiration lurking in your own home! Yes! All you have to do is clean off your sewing table!

Hehe! You may know what I mean... Amongst the odd papers and bags of rocks (yes really) on my sewing table I've remembered what I was doing with all those stacks of fabric!
 I had quite a few projects gathered under the trims of Halloween ribbon intended for quilts, changing pads, bags full of fabric bits, and some fabric still awaiting the right inspiration. It's all just lying there, ready to be adored! If only they could be seen.
So, if you really aren't feeling the sewing bug just go clean the sewing table and you'll find it... or it'll find you!

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